Review from “A PART” festival 2017 in Poland.


A year ago, Paola Lattanzi made a breakthrough on the Korez Theater. A year passed. Same festival, theater, government. The same condition: no indifference. It is difficult to be indifferent when the talented artists from the T.I.T.S. group are almost ripping their guts apart in the spectacle “Forced beauty”.

Without questioning whether the beauty – in its general sense – is a reflection of ourselves, the heroines of the show blindly rush forward with one aim in mind: I want to be noticed! They will deconstruct the popular attributes of beauty, making us more and more fashionable. Hair pins seem to only add the class to them. The heroine as we assume, is shivering, and her forced smile slowly falls into a piercing scream full of resentment and fury. Cooked interior screams: DOWNLOAD IT! The expensive looking hairstyle is also poorly held and during the combing it begins to fall apart. In spite of this, it is important to keep a good face… of course wrong game. In order to win the widest possible audience, you have to put as many unmatched things as you can and put yourself in a public space.

“How you look anorectic and fat at the same time? #Weird.” This is one of many “hate” comments uttered in a sweet manner by the artist’s lips, that lead us to a reflection: have I ever written such things on the Internet? What to do to not loose the center of your interest? Debasement. Ruthless Internet users demand more and more, sitting comfortably in their armchairs. Good fun, laughter, voyeurism … In fact there is fight here – at all costs. At this point I recall a very eloquent scene when one of the actresses filled their mouth with tomato juice from a crystal decanter and moved convulsively, spitting everything on itself, flooding the scene with vomit of her effort. All this in support and on command of her encouraging “internet user”.

Both heroines gradually collapse and become increasingly more and more ugly. In their rivalry and struggle for being perfect, they are left in ugliness. Their hopeless despair brings them to increasingly more radical acts (both physical and verbal), finally beaten, spattered, smudged in their own spit and fluids, greasy oil, with the blood on their hands and faces – they end up in face to face battle for the best retort (vulgar snap back). After all, the most important is the glamor and the biggest number of “likes”.

Written by Szymon Michlewicz-Sowa

Screen Shot 2017-08-29 at 22.23.19

Den Gegenpol im Feld präsentierter, künstlerischer Spannweiten bilden die beiden Arbeiten aus den Niederlanden und Norwegen/ Tschechische Republik. Davy Pieters’ „How did I die“ und Nela H. Kornetovás „Forced Beauty“ sind primär Formexperimente. Beide verzichten in ihren Performances weitgehend auf Sprache und auf die Bezugnahme expliziter, politisch virulenter Themen. Kornetovás Arbeit „Forced Beauty“ ist ein körperlich-exzessiver Parforceritt zweier weiblicher Körper in performativer Aneignung, Subversion und radikaler Überzeichnung von in sozialen Netzwerken zirkulierenden Hasskommentaren. Beide Produktionen sind grandiose Beispiele dafür, wie gerade die Form Theater politisch machen kann.

Written by Theresa Schütz


The two works from the Netherlands and Norway / Czech Republic form the opposite pole in the field of presented artistic spans. Davy Pieters’ “How did I die” and Nela H. Kornetovás “Forced Beauty” are primarily form experiments. Both in their performances largely dispense with language and the reference to explicit, politically virulent topics. Kornetova’s work “Forced Beauty” is a physically-excessive parforcer of two female bodies in performative appropriation, subversion, and radical override of hate commentaries circulating in social networks. Both productions are grandiose examples of how the form theater can make political.

Screen Shot 2017-08-29 at 22.21.46

Am Duo der tschechischen Performerin Nela Kornetova mit der Norwegerin
Lärke Gröntved («Forced Beauty») hingegen ist gar nichts komisch. Die beiden können zwar auch recht lieblich im Duo trällern, aber was sie singen, überschreitet alle Ekel-Grenzen – während die beiden einander auf glitschiger Kampf-Matte misshandeln wie im Sado-Maso-Studio, singen sie Hass-Tiraden und Abschlacht-Aufrufe der schlimmsten Sorte aus dem Internet. Die beiden Frauen enden ziemlich nackt in einer Art Schlamm-, besser Öl-Catchen, und auch der Tomatensaft fließt reichlich. Am Erkenntnisgewinn dieser absichtsvollen Zumutung aus sehr viel Trash- und Schock-Effekten, per Video und Sound ins Monströse gesteigert, darf allerdings gezweifelt werden. Denn dass die sozialen – besser: asozialen –Medien voller Psychopathen sind und es praktisch kein Mittel gegen deren Logorrhoe gibt, hat sich leidvoll herumgesprochen.

Written by Michael Laages for JUNGE SCZENE


On the duo of the Czech performer Nela Kornetova with the Norwegian
Lärke Gröntved (“Forced Beauty”) is nothing funny. The two of them can be quite charming in the duo, but what they sing transcends all disgust boundaries – while the two mutually abuse each other on a slick battle mat as in the Sado Maso studio, singing hate tirades and abduction calls Worst species from the Internet. The two women end up pretty naked in a sort of mud, better oil catchen, and also the tomato juice flows abundantly. However, the realization of this deliberate imposition from a lot of trash and shock effects, a video and sound into the monstrous increased, however, may be doubted. For the social – better: antisocial media are full of psychopaths and there is practically no remedy for their logorrhea, has been sorrowful.

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