Demokraten writes about us

Demokraten newspaper wrote about Forced Beauty and T.I.T.S., read about it here:

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We are in Blå Grotte – GRAND FINALE

On 27th March 2016 we have presented yet another work in progress as a part of our last residency in Blå Grotte in Fredrikstad.  Thank you all of you who could join us.

And  we hope to see more of you on our premiere 21st and 23rd April 2016 at 20:00 when you will be welcome to our painful world of love and hate, of endless negotiation, of fascination and despair. Two women will crave to understand how to take control and not to loose this fight. How “bloody” can a Bloody Marry become?

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Forced Beauty by T.I.T.S. is an audio-visual performance about power structures and violent aesthetics exploring your physical empathy.

First rehearsals in Blå Grotte started

T.I.T.S. are happy to have our New Year’s come together in Blå Grotte in Fredrikstad and getting inspired by their twin peaks like small stage. It is our first serious encounter with the space and our co-producers.

Come to see the final result 21st and 23rd April 2016. FORCED BEAUTIES are looking forward to see you there.

Here you can read about us in Norwegian. Look at page 25!